Jason Lewis Eyelift???

Has Jason Lewis gone under the knife to keep his youthful look from Sex in the City? His eyebrows are looking a bit higher on his face. And his one eye seems to be pulled open a bit too far? The first pic is from about 2 or 3 years ago.

More Demi Moore

Demi Moore - Demi is frequently on the cover of gossip rags regarding her extensive plastic surgery. She's no doubt spent some bucks! Here's another set of pics, showing the facial work she's had done. Notice the drastic difference in her chin and jaw area. Her face looks significantly longer than it use to. Her face shape went from very square-like to more oval... which, to some, is considered the "ideal" face shape. The work on her face may include: chin implants, nose job, eye lift, cheeks implants, and botox... in other words, "the works".

Courtney Love - Plastic Surgery Connoisseur

Courtney Love - Looking at recent pics of Courtney, it seems she's had a little bit of everything. Her facial skin is looking tighter than before, she's obviously had a face lift. Her chin and jawline look very different. She may have had chin and jaw implants, making her jaw look more square. Also, you can tell she's had cheek implants put in, and an her eyes lifted. And, of course, her nose has been thinned, although the tip is looking a bit crooked. The "eye lift" lifted her brows but, her eyes look a little sleepy. Maybe she needs to add blepharoplasty to the list?

Ashlee Simpson's Very Public Nose Job

Ashlee Simpson - Okay, everyone knows Ashlee Simpson has had rhinoplasty. But, I thought I'd add her to the GoingPlastic.com list. I have to say these surgeons that do rhinoplasty are highly talented. Her nose is straight as an arrow, now. The nose job definitely balances out her face. I'm sure she must be very happy with the results.

Brad Pitt - Had His Ears Pinned

Brad Pitt - The "Sexiest Man Alive" has not avoided the knife. Not sure when but, he's had the plastic surgery procedure called otoplasty, or ear pinning. Look at the pics above and you'll notice in the "before" pics his ears were more prominent. And, now they're much closer to his head and have a more "normal" shape to them.

Salma Hayek's Nose Job

You may have seen these pics of Salma Hayek's nose job before but, I've included a couple more pics because it seems to me she may have had work done on her nose more than once. Check out this celeb's pics and see what you think. I'll post some pics of her boob job / implants, soon.

Victoria Beckham - Not So Subtle Boob Job

Victoria Beckham and her hubby frequently find themselves in the news. Now they supposedly have a reality tv show coming out. Should be interesting to see how popular the two will be in the States. Here is a before and after pic of her not so subtle boob job. They look like they are about to burst out of her chest and do some kind of "alien" dance.

Gisele Bundchen - Nice Nose Job?

Another example of a nice nose job, IMHO. I wonder if she admits to having it done? It doesn't look "over done" and it's definitely an improvement to the balance of her face. I wonder when she had it done? I think this nose job is pretty obvious, anyone disagree?