Jessica Simpson - Pouty Lips, Smaller Nose, Bigger Eyes

Sorry for the hiatus. Just got back from a trip home to San Diego. And, now for some plastic surgery b and a pics of Jessica Simpson. Her lips and nose are more obvious but, did she have work on her eyes? They seem much bigger in her after pic.


Elisa said...

hey darl,
love your site. excellent concept.
I've got one for you...I did a little digging work on Keira Knightly.
Feel free to use.
Much love,

Elisa said...

no worries :)

-THA- Hamst3r said...

I'm pretty sure the bigger eyes thing is just Photoshop work. That's one thing I don't think is being taken into consideration with a lot of these images. Models and celebrities are digitally altered all the time.

I find it funny when they remove peoples well known and prominent moles.

Anonymous said...

Well now I have seen her live and you may be right actually. I wonder why she needed to pronounce the chin arse too. It never used to be that apparent.


Anonymous said...

Everyone's nose looks wider when they smile and their eyes look smaller....i have huge eyes but when i smile they look small.

Christine said...

ya she said she had the lips done but is glad that is faded away & i am too! i wish people would leave her alone about her weight she is so pretty & womanly