Elizabeth Hurley - an Extreme Makeover?

Besides the collagen injections in her lips, one can only speculate about what she may have had 'done' but, what an extreme makeover on Elizabeth Hurley! Of course, I'm only kidding but, in the black and white pics, is it just me or do they (Hugh and Elizabeth) almost look like brother and sister?


Ryan said...

Wow! She looks like a completely different person... I wonder how many procedures that took? And yes, she did look alot like Hugh Grant

Elisa said...

She's so beautiful. She's one of the few celebrities that I reckon look better after their surgery...Angelina Jolie too, of course.

rach said...

yeah, they do look like brother and sister =]
and ow my! she's so different, only hers body and eye color that remains the same

Anonymous said...

People are supposedly attracted to partners with similar features or looks.